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Opening Ceremony – Istana Hotel Tennis Courts on Level 2

The opening ceremony will start on Friday at 7pm at the tennis courts. You can take the lifts beside the sports bar to get there. At the opening ceremony you can collect your welcome packs together with the wristbands for the Sunday night function. We will have a couple of speeches and wine, cider & beer to make them easier on the ears 😊

Breakfast & Buses

Buses will start to leave the Istana at 6:40am and the last bus will leave at 8am. The buses will leave from the side entrance so everyone will need to go downstairs from the lobby. The buses will start returning to the hotel from 5pm onwards. The duration from the hotel to the pitch is only 20 minutes. The name of the place where the tournament will be held is Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort Sdn Bhd and the pitches are on the main polo field.

Pitches & Tents

Attached is a layout of the polo grounds showing the pitches, water stations, physio & medical tents, food & drink trucks and Healy Mac’s bar area. The team tents are also marked so you can find where your team tent is located.

Game Format

The games will be played on 5 pitches and all games will start at the same time every 20 minutes with an air horn. Games need to finish 3 minutes before the start of the next game so there will be an air horn sounded again to finish the games. The schedule is very tight and there is a reasonable chance of rain & lightning so we cannot have the pitches run off schedule. Unfortunately that leaves no allowance for injury time so if a player is injured for 30 seconds then its 30 seconds less playing time for that game.

Medical at Bukit Kiara

We will have 3 ambulances equipped with defibrillators at the event, each ambulance will have 2 trained emergency personnel. We will have 2 doctors there on standby to provide emergency treatment on site should it be required. In the event that a player needs to be sent to a hospital we will send them to the nearest good hospital which is called Pantai Medical Centre, it is 7.5kms away from Bukit Kiara and will take just 15 minutes.


All of the winner & runner up presentations will be done at Bukit Kiara, the stage will be to the left hand side of the Grandstand. It is important that after each final you proceed to the stage for immediate presentations.

Bars & Restaurants

There are lots of bars & restaurants right beside the hotel. The main street is called Changkat Bukit Bintang but you will see many places on the way. AGG players have been given a 20% discount at the sports bar in the hotel but be careful as its still fairly pricey.

Grab App

Taxi’s in KL are not great so it’s best to download the Grab App and use that. You will have free Wi-Fi at the hotel and can download the app

Local Sim Card

You can buy a sim card at the airport for less than €10 and its good for calls and data, the process is very simple and you will get it in less than 2-3 minutes.

Sunday Night Function

After party will be held at Istana Hotel’s Grand Mahkota Ballroom and drinks will start outside the ballroom at 7pm, the doors will open for dinner at 7:30pm. There will be free wine, cider & beer and a buffet dinner. To keep the wastage down the max any person can take at one time is 2 drinks so please do not ask the bar staff for extra.




Here are the links that you may need:

1. - link to the schedules and fixtures of the AGG 2019 in Macoocoo website

2. - 2019 AGG tab in AGG FB page

3. - link to direct mobile phone users to download Macoocoo App for them to access the schedules and fixtures via the app (available in Apple/Android)


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Big shout out to all our sponsors that make this amazing weekend possible


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