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The Asian County Board is delighted to welcome visitors to their website, and invites them to sign up for the ACB newsletter, distributed across the globe, bringing news and opportunities to fans of Gaelic Games and Irish culture everywhere. We encourage you to check out your local club, and become part of the sporting revolution happening across Asia, as we welcome ever more teams to our family of clubs in the region.

What is the ACB?
The official point of contact for the GAA for all Clubs based in the Asia-Pacific & Gulf Regions other than Australia & New Zealand.

What is the link with Croke Park?
The ACB is now fully affiliated to the GAA and to the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (Cumann Peil Gael na mBan).

Are all GAA Clubs in the Asia-Pacific & Gulf Regions required to be members?
Yes, in order to participate in officially sanctioned competitions such as the Asian Gaelic Games, the All China Games & the Gulf Games. Each affiliated Club is represented on the ACB.

How is the ACB run?
The ACB is run on a voluntary basis with funding from the Clubs in the region & the GAA in Croke Park. Each Club has an equal say in the running of the ACB & the Executive Committee members are elected for a 3 year term by the ACB reps.

What are the ACB's priorities?
To support our Clubs to promote Gaelic games to the wider Irish Community & friends of Ireland in the region.

Can the ACB support a project by my Club?
Yes, limited funding is available via the affiliated clubs, for projects to promote & develop Gaelic games in the region, with a particular focus on underage coaching.

What's the newsletter for?
We circulate this to keep registered members of clubs affiliated to the ACB up to date with activities in the region. We will gladly correct any errors-omissions etc. Contributions can be sent to the ACB Secretary at secretary.asia@gaa.ie.

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