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As the tears of joy mixed with those of despair added to the downpour on the fields of Bangkok last year, the Gaels had already set about planning for the assault on the 2010 AGG’s. Committees were shaken up, houses were moved, tournaments n tours were planned, truths were told, souls were searched and some even started growing beards! (We’ll leave it up to you to figure out which of the lads and lassies went for the latter).

Korea welcomed contingents from Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and of course the venerable ACB to a weekend of football and frolics for the North Asian Games in June. A busy day of football was preceded and followed by a few blurry days of socialising. CCTV footage shows that the intensity of the football may have caused significant damage to a couple of the senior men’s abilities to successfully hold onto a Cup, but due to some fine Seoul searching, blushes were saved and happiness restored to the Land of the Morning Calm.

The Singapore surrounding in August could easily be mistaken for a Californian picture postcard. Where this is true or not, Singapore bore a striking resemblance to a Guy Ritches set as the Gaels descended on the unsuspecting Singaporeans decked out in matching pikey regalia. What an eyesore. But the tame taking Pikeys and their fair sisters (bojangle earrings were optional) enjoyed their time and managed to play a bit of football too.

Back to Seoul and the long hot summer has seen many a Gaels brought to breaking point and back by the coaching staff. Some love ’em some hate ’em, but if it means a decent run the AGGs then all will be good!


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